We are Professional Spray Foam Insulation Installers.

We use the latest products and techniques to ensure superior energy performance.

Revolutionary Spray Foam Insulation is far superior to conventional insulation and can decrease your energy bills up to 50%

Without proper sealing, structures can lose a lot of its efficiency through air leakage and it's the main cause of hot and cold spots. Spray foam provides superior thermal performance, so it minimizes those hot and cold spots that can affect the efficiency and comfort of a building.

Spray foam also acts as a secondary moisture vapor barrier to help reduce the risk of moisture intrusion through the walls. The rigid nature of spray foam also provides added structural integrity to your home. All products used by TC Spray Foam are formaldehyde free and non ozone depleting.

In the past decade a major breakthrough in insulation has been discovered; Liquid Spray Foam. Liquid spray foam insulation is dramatically better than conventional spray because it is a flexible substance that expands and contracts with your home and does not settle or pack down over time. Another major improvement includes that foam insulation will not support or spread flame and is not damaged by water or floods.


Old standard insulation allow a lot of airflow through them. With air loss and air infiltration in our homes and buildings being high, utility bills can be much higher than necessary. Foam insulation does not allow air to flow so freely making it a superior insulation material. Stopping unnecessary air flow helps homes become much more efficient.

All structures have air gaps and crevices that allow air to infiltrate the building causing substantial energy loss. Natural conditions such as weather and pressure exploit these openings allowing air to infiltrate your home. In older homes, conditioned air inside your home escapes out and is replaced by outside air several times a day causing you to heat or cool outside air that keeps on getting into your home.

Spray foam is the best solution to the problem because it expands up to 120 times to fill every crack, gap, void or crevice as it creates an air barrier. Spray foam is most effective at insulating a home because it conforms to the space in which it is sprayed, and it has high R-values (this standard insulation rating). This results in a dramatic reduction in the energy use of your home.


Spray foam insulation involves combining two different ecologically safe materials, an isocyonate and an organic resin polyols. The two are heated up and sent through two hoses and meet at a tip of a gun where a thin film is ejected into cracks and between wall studs and expands up to 120 times its volume.

After the product sets up it has a rough texture that expands beyond the drywall barrier. We then scrape off the excess foam in order for the drywall to fit properly. We basically make sure the foam is cut smoothly.

The foam insulation won't allow air to move through or around it, creating a complete air barrier. Spray foam can also be applied to the underside of a roof deck, creating an airtight seal between the roof and the attic space.


The most important benefit of spray foam insulation in the attic is that it is able to go where nothing else can go. This means tiny cracks and holes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Standard fiberglass or cellulose insulation cannot accomplish this feat. Spray foam insulation effectively eliminates energy waste in ways in which no other insulation can.

Standard roofing techniques require that attics are ventilated resulting in extreme attic temperatures and there's no reason for an air-conditioning and vent-ductwork to have to work in those conditions.

By applying spray foam right on the underside of the roof deck, the severe temperatures no longer exist in the attic. The attic is now a "conditioned" space of the house that is just as comfortable as any other room in the home.

Spray Foam is a revolutionary insulation product that is far superior to conventional insulation and can decrease your energy bills up to 50 percent. All products used by TC Spray Foam are formaldehyde free and non ozone depleting. Learn more about the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation. BENEFITS »

Spray Foam Insulation is the recommended insulation solution of builders, engineers, green home specialists and mold experts for new construction and renovations. All of the products we use are guaranteed with a manufacturer's warranty. Learn more about the different types of the quality spray foam insulation products we use and their individual warranties. OUR PRODUCTS »